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My research group focuses on understanding more about the pathogen Clostridium difficile. We utilize omic technologies to investigate the biochemistry and genetics of this organism, and in particular use high throughput MS-based proteomics. We have also utilized this technology to describe the proteome of a range of bacteria including the extremophiles Oceanobacillus iheyensis and Geobacillus thermoleovorans. We are interested in the exploitation of microorganisms and their metabolic capabilities, for example in the utilisation of white-rot fungi for the degradation of pollutants.

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In addition to our ongoing programme with Clostridium difficile we are interested in  working with scientists, at all career stages, in the applications of proteomics to resolve microbial questions. Enquiries from prospective students, interested in our work, are always welcome.  

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Research Students

Phd Title: Focus upon Clostridium difficile

Name: Natalie Vardy

Years of Study: 2

Country: England

Phd Title: Focus upon pig nutrition and gut microflora 

Name: Alana Reid

Years of Study: 1

Country: Northern Ireland

Phd Title: Focus upon Paenibacillus and phosphorus

Name: Stavros Gkavalias

Years of Study: 3

Country: Greece

Phd Title: Focus upon Clostridium difficile

Name: Andrew Marshall

Years of Study: 1

Country: Northern Ireland


  • Royal Irish Academy Microbiology Medal




Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences

School of Biological Sciences

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