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My work focusses on the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, the drivers of biodiversity change and the consequences of biodiversity loss for ecosystem stability. I explore these questions using food webs, with a special focus on trophic interactions and body size, and employ a mixture of experimental and theoretical approaches using marine, freshwater and terrestrial systems to test ideas and hypotheses in ecology.

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Open to PhD applications from candidates who are interested in exploring the role of biodiversity in driving the stability of communities using a mixture of experiments and modelling approaches – marine, freshwater and terrestrial systems can be explored.

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Research Students

PhD title: Resilience in marine ecosystems: the effects of environmental and ecological context on ecosystem mulitfunctioning and multistability.

Name: Justin Judge

Years of Study: 3rd  year

Country: Northern Ireland, UK

PhD title: Ecosystem based approaches to apple orchard management

Name: Robert Stewart

Years of Study: 2nd Year

Country: Northern Ireland, UK

PhD title: Addressing the gaps in marine ecosystem science: The role of kelp in the food web.

Name: Abby Gilson

Years of Study: 3rd year

Country: UK

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