Professor Peter Leavitt


Professor Leavitt’s research focuses a number of themes including;

Coupled Human-Natural Systems; Pathways of energy and mass transfer; Human impacts on environment; Climate change and social response; Long-term ecological research (LTER); Regulation of ecosystem structure and function; Variation as a system property; Social controls of biophysical environments; Paleolimnology and Paleoecology; Global cycles of major elements (C, N, P); Pollution ecology; Urbanization; Socio-economic trade-offs with ecosystem services; Centennial-scale effects of agricultural development; Regulation of primary production; Limnology and Aquatic Ecology; Environmental change; Disturbance; Regulation of food-web structure; Water.

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Effects of agricultural practices and urbanization on water quality in freshwater and coastal ecosystems.

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Research Students

Phd Title: Analysis of Lakewater Isotopes in the Northern Great Plains: Insights from Long-term Monitoring and Spatial Surveys

Name: Heather A. Haig

Years of Study: 2012-2018

Country: Canada

Phd Title:  Seasonal Impacts and Regulation of Nitrogen Pollution In the Northern Great Plains:  Insights from Microcosm, Mesocosm and Mensurative Scale Studies

Name: Vanessa J. A-M. Swarbrick

Years of Study: 2011-2017

Country: Canada


Phd Title: Quantifying Human and Ecological Dimensions to Advance Holistic Understanding of Prairie Lake Ecosystems

Name: Lushani C. Nanayakkara

Years of Study: 2012-2018

Country: Canada

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