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Academic Staff

A to M

TELEPHONE (028) 9097 XXXX 
Anderson, Gail  Lecturer (Education)  2270
Bennett, Maggie  Lecturer (Education)  2481
Blair, Joanne Lecturer (Education) 5808
Boyle, Dr Breidge Lecturer (Education) 5868
Brazil, Prof Kevin  Professor of Palliative Care  5782
Brown Wilson, Prof Christine Education (Adult Nursing) 2866
Cardwell, Pauline  Lecturer (Education)  5856
Carlisle, Susan  Lecturer (Education)  5748
Carson, Pauline  Lecturer (Education)  2393
Carter, Dr Gillian Lecturer in Chronic Illness 5762
Clarke, Sonya  Lead Children's Nursing  2048
Clarke, Dr Susan Lectured in Applied Life Sciences 2171
Coleman, Dr Deborah  Lecturer (Education)  2645
Corkin, Doris  Senior Lecturer (Education)  2339
Daniels, Pauline  Lecturer (Education)  2369
Galway, Dr Karen Lecturer in Mental Health 2461
Glackin, Marie  Lecturer (Education)  5743
Gormley, Dr Kevin Academic Lead Postgraduate and CPD 5863
Grant, Dr Anne Lecturer in Mental Health 5841
Greene, Eunice  Lecturer (Education)  2355
Griffin, Peter Professional Lead Learning Disability Nursing 5811
Hales, Louise  Lecturer (Education)  5734
Healy, Dr Maria Lecturer (Education) Midwifery 2394
Hill, Loreena  Lecturer

Hoy, Leontia  Lecturer (Education)  5735
Hudson, Prof Peter Professor in Palliative Care 2476
Hughes, Clare  Lecturer (Education)  2123
Hughes, Colin  Lecturer (Education)  2693
Kerr, Dr Helen Lecturer (Education) 5810
Leonard, Laurence  Lecturer (Education)  5853
Linden, Mark Lecturer 2820
Lohan, Prof Maria Chair in Social Science and Health 2839
Lynn, Dr Fiona Lecturer 5784
Marsh, Dr Lynne Senior Lecturer (Education) 5746
Martin, Daphne  Lecturer (Education)  2389
Martin, Fiona  Lecturer (Education)  5742
McCullough, Siobhan  Lecturer (Education)  5824
McCutcheon, Dr Karen Academic Lead for Practice 2387
McGaughey, Dr Jenny  Lecturer (Education)  2882
McGowan, Iain Lecturer (Education) 5861
McGrath, Deirdre  Lecturer (Education)  2495
McKenna, Niall  Lecturer (Education)   2391
McKinney, Aidin Lecturer (Education) 5833
McLaughlin,  Dr Derek Senior Lecturer (Education) 5803
McLaughlin, Dr Dorry Lecturer in Palliative Care and Chronic Illness 2492
McMullan, Johanna  Lecturer (Education)  2688
McNeill, Dr Jenny  Lead Midwife for Education/Senior Lecturer  2187
McNeilly, Dr Patricia  Lecturer (Education)  2395
McSorely, Oonagh Lecturer (Education) 5754
Mitchell, Florence  Lecturer (Education)  5700
Monaghan, Catherine  Lecturer (Education)  2385
Moorhead, Carolyn  Lecturer (Education)  2396

N to Z

Noble, Dr Helen  Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research  2472
Nurse, Sharon Senior Lecturer (Education) 5836
O'Halloran, Dr Peter  Lecturer  p.o'  2490
Patterson, Dorothy Lecturer (Education) 2622
Perra, Dr Oliver  Lecturer in Perinatal Health and Wellbeing  2313
Prue, Dr Gillian  Lecturer in Chronic Illness  2345
Rainey, Deborah Lecturer (Education) 2016
Reid, Dr Esther Lecturer (Education) 2259
Reid, Dr Joanne  Lecturer in Cancer Nursing  2459
Rice, Billiejoan Lecturer (Education) 2331
Rogers, Dr Katherine Lecturer (Education) 2344
Santin, Dr Olinda Lecturer in Cancer Survivorship 2292
Smyth, Gaby Lecturer (Education) 2397
Spence, Dr Dale Senior Lecturer (Education) 2696
Stockdale, Dr Janine Lecturer (Education) 2488
Stonehouse, David Lecturer (Education) 2231
Stronge, Shirley Lecturer (Education) 2375
Tierney, Paul Lecturer (Education) 2679
Wilson, Dr Iseult Senior Lecturer (Education) 2492

Clinical Tutors / Practice Educators

Curry, Catriona  Clinical Tutor  5768
Doherty, Kelly  Clinical Tutor  2892
McCaughey, Caroline  Practice Educator  2666
Taylor, Annette  Practice Educator  5837