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Well-being walk along the Lagan Towpath for Postdocs and Research Staff

Finding time to socialise with peers and stay physically active can be challenging when working on research. This Postdoc Society well-being walk will allow you to take a break from work, engage with others, and explore the beautiful Lagan Towpath.

June 21, 2024
Meeting point: QUB Boat Club, 29 Lockview Road, Belfast, BT9 5FH for a walk along the Lagan Towpath.
15:00 - 17:00


It can be difficult to find time to socialise with peers and prioritise your well-being when working on research activities. We often work around tight deadlines and schedules, meaning that we neglect opportunities to take a break from work or to prioritise our physical and mental health. This event, which involves a 2-hour group walk along the Lagan Towpath, has been organised to provide Postdocs and research staff the opportunity to change this.


We will meet outside the QUB Boat Club (29 Lockview Road, Belfast, BT9 5FH) at 15:00 and then proceed along the Towpath to the Lock Keeper’s Inn. We will then take a break at the Lock Keeper’s Inn café, before returning to the QUB Boat Club by 17:00.

Attendees are welcome to invite their friends, family, or children to join. Any attendee who brings their children must be responsible for their safety during the walk. Whilst we hope for a sunny day, it is possible that the weather will have other ideas. As such, if there is rain, each attendee is expected to dress appropriately. Regardless of the weather, we hope that this event will provide a chance to support the physical and mental well-being of all attendees.

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