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AHSS nominees

Winners 2022

Dr Ann-Maria Walsh (Research award)

School of Arts, English and Languages

"In the period Sept 2021-August 2022, AMW has made exemplary progress on her ambitious program of work for her Marie Curie funded project, ‘Women’s Epistolary Networks,1600-1700: Ireland and Beyond’. AMW has identified and recovered 381 outgoing letters of the Boyle women in 22 different repositories located across Britain, Ireland, and America, and she has completed 277 transcriptions of those letters. She has met all of the project milestones and is fully on track to complete her program of work at the end of her fellowship (Jan 2023). This in itself is exemplary. But AMW has done much more. Her additional achievements include running an extremely successful symposium at QUB, publishing 3 outputs and working with the Museum of Childhood, Ireland, on an award-winning webinar. AMW has generously and significantly supported the work of other ECRs. In the past year her work has received significant markers of esteem, including excellent reviews and prestigious invitations. In addition, she has contributed formatively to a major grant application being developed with RW as PI. It is hoped that this will be AMW’s next PDR role (she is co-I on application)."

Dr Claire Wright (Citizenship and outreach award)

School of Law

"I enthusiastically wish to nominate Claire Wright in the “Citizenship and outreach” prize category, given her outstanding contributions to the life of the school, the university, and other stakeholders both nationally and internationally. Throughout the past academic year, she has been very active in committees and organising events internally (at both school and university level) and externally (GCRF Gender, Justice, and Security Hub and International Transformative Justice Network.) Claire has also coordinated visits from two US colleagues working on crucial human rights issues, namely reproductive rights and police reform, organising meetings with members of the Human Rights Centre and other interested stakeholders. Her commitment to human rights and community engagement is further reflected in her achievements in forming strong relationships with civil society in Colombia and disseminating information in Spanish as well as in English. In sum, Claire has shown creativity and determination in establishing solid working relationships and convening spaces to connect scholars and practitioners with shared interests, and for that reason she would be a worthy recipient of the prize."

Highly commended 2022

Commendations were made by the judging panel for categories with higher numbers of nominations.

Dr Amy Prendergast (Research award)

School of Arts, English and Languages

"Dr Amy Prendergast has used her Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to draft her second monograph book, Textuality, Place, and the Self: Women’s Diaries from Ireland 1760-1810, which has been accepted for publication by Liverpool University Press (June 2022). The book represents path-breaking research in women’s manuscript writing from the eighteenth century, including the creation of, and detailed consideration of, a corpus of over thirty diaries, which offer access to cross-generational voices and communicate the daily struggles, challenges and pleasures of women’s lives, including such topics as non-consensual touch, male pursuit, anxiety, bereavement, writing, reading and travelling. Among its most notable features is the way in which issues which are often silenced from polite conversation, issues of fertility, miscarriage, and infant mortality find a platform for discussion in these diaries. The book thus enables the reimagining of women’s lives in the long eighteenth century and in so doing, it reconceptualises the diary form and reinvigorates the field of life writing.

In addition to writing her book, Dr Prendergast has also completed an impressive range of further publications, has disseminated her research in publications, research and conference papers and public talks, and has undertaken important service roles in her discipline."

Dr Erika Jiménez (Research award)

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

"We would like to nominate Erika Jiménez for the ‘research’ prize in recognition of her achievements and contribution during this academic year. These include:

  • Erika’s success in the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship: this a great achievement given national success rates of <18% in last year’s competition, and is a unique opportunity to further original and innovative research on youth and human rights in the Golan, an under-studied area of the Middle East.
  • Erika’s continuing work on human rights and modern slavery, which started at the University of Nottingham: since taking up her post at Queen’s in October 2021, Erika has successfully completed publications and impact activity in relation to her previous job at Nottingham in her own time. She has done this alongside her excellent work on the Nuffield-funded study on the experiences of education among minority ethnic groups in Northern Ireland.
  • Erika’s research approach: Erika brings both criticality and compassion to her research, which ensures that her work is conducted sensitively and effectively, and is highly insightful.

Erika’s personal attributes: Erika is a highly able, friendly, supportive and reliable colleague, who is a huge asset to the project team at Queen’s."

All nominees 2022

Research award

Alex Lucas (School of Arts, English and Languages)

Amjed Rasheed (School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics)

Amy Prendergast (School of Arts, English and Languages)

Ann-Maria Walsh (School of Arts, English and Languages)

Colm Walsh (School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work)

David Jordan (Queen's Management School)

Erika Jimenez (School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work) - nominated by 2 individuals

Gillian McNaull (School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work)

Ruth Coon (School of Arts, English and Languages)

Shonagh Hill (School of Arts, English and Languages)


Citizenship and Outreach award

Alex Lucas (School of Arts, English and Languages)

Briony Widdis (School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics) - nominated by 3 individuals

Claire Wright (School of Law)

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