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EPS nominees

Winners 2023

Dr Guillermo Alvarez-Narciandi | Research Award - Winner

School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

"Throughout his career, Guillermo has pursued scientific excellence with a keen eye on making a positive impact in the society. He has pioneered the development of freehand radar imaging systems, able to deliver high-resolution radar images in real-time. This is an important technological breakthrough, opening up the possibility of using these systems as portable security screening scanners. Furthermore, he has secured several funding awards to push this technology even further. Currently, through his Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, he aims to develop the first portable single-pixel imager, based on incoherent computational imaging. As a result of his hard work, he has authored 24 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 33 contributions to conferences, and he holds two patents. Since the beginning of his career, he has realized the importance of establishing an international collaboration network and partnering with industry. Therefore, he actively continues fostering collaborations with international partners and, in the last year, he has participated in two Horizon-Europe projects. Furthermore, he is always pleased to share his knowledge with his peers. This includes not only disseminating his research in several international conferences every year, but also mentoring and supervising students (from undergrads to PhDs)."

Dr Emma Campbell | Citizenship and Outreach Award - Winner

School of Natural and Built Environment

"Emma's contribution to citizenship and outreach is exemplary in her use of innovative climate design-research and co-creation approaches to reimagine systems and spaces that address our climate and biological emergency. Emma is Co-Founder of Urban-Input/Output (U-I/O), an emerging design-research collective which aims to engage with citizens to collaboratively reimagine sustainable, regenerative and circular urban futures. This involves working with architects, designers, engineers and makers from QUB and TU Delft. Emma was a leading member of the Innovate UK-funded Ideal Home Project in partnership with Moy Park, the UK's largest poultry integrator. Emma played a key role in delivering outcomes which have helped Moy Park to develop a climate transition strategy that holistically considers the future of poultry production spaces, resource use and operational management. As part of the interdisciplinary EU Horizon 2020-funded UPSURGE project, Emma manages the Demonstration Assessment Committee which includes five demonstration cities across Europe including Belfast City. Emma developed a co-creation approach which was successfully deployed in Belfast and has facilitated the co-design, construction and implementation of nature-based solutions in each demonstration city. An experienced public speaker, Emma has presented her research at conferences and workshops globally and locally, from Doha to Vancouver, Nicosia to Belfast."

Dr Philip Martin | Support Award - Winner

School of Mathematics and Physics

"This abstract has been written to acknowledge the incredible work and support by Dr Phillip Martin towards all PhD students in the Centre for Light-Matter Interactions. Dr Martin has played a vital role in the laboratory training for many of the PhD students within the centre in laser operations, vacuum systems and, most importantly, safety procedures at the TARANIS laser at QUB and the VULCAN laser at the Central Laser Facility. Through this training, Dr Martin was patient and understanding towards the PhD students and explained complex physics theory with remarkable clarity. Furthermore, through his voluntary assistance with the undergraduate laboratories and in correcting student reports, Dr Martin offered kind and encouraging comments to better students understanding in their experimental work. He has represented the centre, school and university proudly at every outreach event and conference. More importantly, he has been a constant source of friendly advice to all. In his four years as a post-doctoral researcher, Dr Martin has helped nearly every PhD student who has come through the centre and it is my hope that the university will acknowledge this hard work with the post-doctoral award for his incredible support."

All nominees 2023

Research award

Agnes Purwidyantri (School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

Amir Masoud Molaei (School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Guillermo Alvarez-Narciandi (School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Maria Garcia-Fernandez (School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

Martin Robinson (School of Psychology)

Mohammadali Mohammadi (School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) - Nominated by 2 individuals

Tayler Truhan (School of Psychology)

Support award

Bethany Corbett (School of Psychology)

Martin Robinson (School of Psychology) - Nominated by 3 individuals

Philip Martin (School of Mathematics and Physics) - Nominated by 12 individuals

Tayler Truhan (School of Psychology) - Nominated by 2 individuals

Citizenship and Outreach award

Ben McAteer (School of Natural and Built Environment)

Emma Campbell (School of Natural and Built Environment)

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