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Fellowship videos

How to watch these videos?

You can watch the videos directly embedded in this page or click on "Pop Out" to view them in a separate window (this enables to watch full screen). You can access chapters directly by clicking "i" (click it again to close the menu).

These videos are only accessible with a Queen's University Belfast login.

Video 1: Introduction to fellowships

Content: What is a fellowship; Types of fellowships; Why to apply for a fellowship; Support at QUB; The Fellowship Application Support Programme

Video 2: Finding a fellowship

Content: How to find a call; Searching fellowships with Research Professional (unfortunately QUB cancelled its subscription to Research Professional in December 2023 and this service is no longer available); Assessing competitiveness

Video 3: Tips for a successful application (what to think about

Content: Essential considerations; Timeline considerations; Thinking about the whole picture; What to discuss with your sponsor; Writing tips

Video 4: The research proposal

Content: Research question and background; Project structure and organisation; Feasibility and effectiveness; Risk management

Video 5: Impact and dissemination

Content: Dissemination to the scientific community; Public engagement and impact activities; Planning for impact; Abstracts

Video 6: Institution and support

Content: The best workplace; The best for your research; The best for your fellowship; The best for your career; What about mobility?; Letters of support and Perks

Institutional fellowship support package

Video 7: Finance

Content: Process overview; What to cost; Full Economic Costs / Overheads; The Research Application System (RAS); Application submission; Note: the RAS system now has a "Fellowship" box to tick (not available at the time of the video); don't forget to click it!

More information on RAS

Video 8: CV and career plan

Content: CVs in fellowship applications; Format; Content; Your career plan

Video 9: Ethical considerations

Content: Ethics generalities; Research involving human participants; Research involving animals; Data management