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Career Insights: Interview

Join the live online podcast recording to learn about the careers of two PhD graduates or former postdocs now working in and out of academia.

Past Event

March 25, 2022
11:30 - 12:30


This event has been organised by the PDC Representatives' Network as part of a series of live online podcast recordings. In this career insights session, our Rep committee member, Dr Simon Cameron will be joined by guests, Dr Edel Hyland (Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Queen's University Belfast) and Dr Jocelyn Tillner (Head of Research and Development at BarthHaas, Germany).

Both guests will be interviewed by Simon, who will ask them questions about their roles, careers, experience of working in or out of academia and tips for postdocs and PhD candidates who are planning their careers etc.

The conversations will be recorded with the intention of converting them to episodes of the PDC's podcast, "The theory of the postdoc evolution".

We advise interested parties to attend the recording live in the event that any technical issues arise that may prevent us from using the recording. Attendees will be able to see our guests and use the chat function to suggest questions.


This recording is open to anyone who is interested in attending, including those external to Queen's University Belfast, postdocs and PhD candidates!

Our Guests


Dr Edel Hyland


Dr Edel Hyland is a Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry in the School of Biological Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast and has held several research positions outside of the UK.

Starting with an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Trinity College Dublin, Edel moved to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the US and completed a PhD in yeast genetics. Following this, Edel completed post-doctoral research at Harvard University and Dublin City University; joining Queen’s University Belfast as a Lecturer in Biochemistry in 2015.

Edel’s career interview will discuss experiences of research outside of the UK and lessons learnt on the way to a permanent academic position.

Dr Jocelyn Tillner


Dr Jocelyn Tillner is the Head of Research and Development at BarthHaas.

Jocelyn completed an undergraduate degree in Food Chemistry from the Technical University of Berlin and then moved to Imperial College London to complete a PhD in mass spectrometry and cancer research. In 2016, Jocelyn joined Barth Innovations Ltd (a subsidiary of BarthHaas) as a Research Chemist and then joined the applications team of BarthHaas in 2019. In 2021, Jocelyn became the Head of Research and Development at BarthHaas and leads an international team of research and application scientists.

Jocelyn’s career interview will explore moving from university-based research to industry and some advice for those considering doing the same.


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