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Researcher Writing Retreat

Workshop for postdocs and research staff at Queen's

June 19, 2023 - June 20, 2023
Geography Building, 0G/033
10:00 - 16:00


Finding time to write up your research can be difficult.  This event has been organised to provide researchers with an opportunity to spend time focusing on an important piece of writing, whether it is a journal article, book chapter or research proposal. 

The aim of this event is to write, and write a lot... No procrastination, no distractions, no excuses.  You should have a publication you are working on or you are ready to start writing up: a research paper, a book chapter, an important research grant proposal. It's up to you.

Morning: Introductions and disconnecting – We will do the usual meet and great, introducing ourselves and say what we are working on. Daniel, the facilitator, will set the context for the day: to write. As such, we are going to disconnect from the wifi world and concentrate only on writing. There will be regular breaks. 

In the morning, Dan will demonstrate the Pomodoro technique, a time based writing technique used by many productive writers.

Other than that the point of the day is to give you space and time away from the campus to truly focus on one thing: your paper/chapter/proposal. It is as simple as that. No distractions other than those you bring yourself. So turn off your phone and any of the many reasons you may have at hand not to write!

Participants should bring a laptop, and any research papers or data which will enable you to write your researcher paper/chapter/proposal.

Programme Objectives

The retreat aims to help you:

  • Learn a few writing techniques
  • Make progress in a specific piece of writing


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