Whether cooking for yourself, or eating out, all international tastes are catered for; with the Asia Supermarket, and lots of Chinese restaurants beside Queen’s campus.

Many restaurants and shops near Queen’s offer student discounts. Our Students’ Union helps new arrivals to feel part of campus life. There is also a convenience store in the main student village which supplies the necessities.

Where to buy ingredients for your favourite meals

Asia Supermarket

Now in their new site, the shop has been run by the same family for over 30 years. Asia Supermarket is also Northern Ireland’s biggest Asian Supermarket and stocks nearly every ingredient you can think of! From Chinese to Mexican Cuisine you can shop here for a variety of tastes. The Asia Supermarket also has a café upstairs, so if you get hungry while you shop you don’t need to worry.

Lee Foods Oriental Supermarket

Lee foods is a family run oriental retail supermarket and wholesalers with over 30 years in the business! They stock over 1000 products and they supply a very large range of Oriental foods, drinks and catering products from all over the Far East such as China, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore, etc. Products include food (fresh/frozen), snacks, drinks, and cooking and cleaning essential tableware.

Bangla Bazaar

Bangla Bazaar meets the culinary needs of all South Asian, African and Middle Eastern cuisines. There’s ground spice and whole spice and spice blends, and along with basics such as cardamoms and cumin, you will also find specialities from the East like fennel seeds, mace, nutmeg powder, extra hot chilli powder, onion powder, etc. There’s also plenty of fish here, too. So if you don’t want to miss out on your favourite South Asian fish dishes, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Basa fish, hilsa, chitala, rohu, catfish, pomfret, tengra, tilapia – the list is endless!

St George's Market

This large, indoor market is a famous landmark in Belfast. It is famous for its wide variety of stalls, selling fresh food and even arts and crafts too. It has been selected for numerous local and national titles and awards for its local produce and great atmosphere. This is a great place to go to buy organic fruit and vegetables, fish and meat as well as a wide variety of snacks and treats.

Eating out

Lee Garden

This is a restaurant serving delicious Chinese food. ‘Dim Sum’ is something that is well known China, everyone loves them. However, good Dim Sum can be hard to find in western countries like the UK. However, this restaurant- just a small walk from campus is the best place to go when you crave ‘Dim Sum’.

Abacus Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant serves a variety of Chinese dishes, literally anything you can think of in a Chinese Restaurant. For example, Crispy Chicken, barbecued ribs, Chinese soup etc.


Love hot pot? Here is where you should go. Hot pot is something that many people eat during winter – it keeps your stomach warm and full. But it’s great all year round too and as there’re a variety of food for you to choose from, this is great restaurant to visit. All The Hot Pot broths come with fresh ingredients and you can choose from beef, pork, chicken and much more.

Bo Tree Kitchen

This restaurant serves Thai food. Which is something that is great when you want a change. Some particular favourites on the menu include noodle soup and Tom Yam. This is a great place to visit if you really love spicy food.

3 Levels Asian Fusion

This is an Asian fusion restaurant. You can have Japanese Teppanyaki and Authentic Chinese in the restaurant. You can see the chef cooking in front of you, which is amazing.