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We offer over 400 courses. Below are listed courses popular with students from China.

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Accounting BSc 3
Actuarial Science and Risk Management BSc 
Business Economics BSc 
Business Management  BSc 
Economics BSc 
Economics and Accounting BSc 
Economics with Finance BSc 
Finance BSc 
International Business with a Language BSc 
Accounting and Finance MSc 
Business Analytics MSc 
Economics MSc 
Finance MSc 
Human Resource Management MSc 
International Business MSc 
Management MSc 
Marketing MSc 
Quantitative Finance MSc 
Risk and Investment Management MSc 
Master of Business Administration MBA 1
Accounting PhD/MPhil 
Economics PhD/MPhil 
Finance PhD/MPhil 
Management PhD/MPhil 
Engineering and physical sciences
Construction and Project Management MSc 1
Data Analytics MSc
Electronics  MSc 
Pharmaceutical Analysis MSc