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Researchers in alphabetical order A-L (click on a name to link through to researcher's profile):


Name E-mail

 Prof Aaron Maule (Dean of Research, Faculty of MHLS) 

Post-docs: Dr Erin McCammick; Dr Emily RobbDr Paul McVeigh

 Prof Alberto Longo 

Post-docs: Dr Liz Ashton; Dr Karen Mooney

 Prof Andrew Meharg

Post-doc: Dr Yogesh Gupta

 Dr Angela Mousley 

Post-doc: Dr Charles Viau
 Dr Anne Nugent
 Prof Brendan Gilmore

 Dr Brian Desmond Green 

Post-docs: Dr William Crowe, Dr Xiaobei Pan
 Dr Caroline Meharg
 Dr Chen Situ

 Prof Chris Allen

Post-docs: Dr Jonathon Young; Dr Damian Magill; Dr Laura Santamaria-Rubio

 Prof Chris Creevey

Post-docs: Dr Karen Siu Ting; Dr Benjamin Thomas

 Prof Christopher Elliott 

Post-docs: Dr Simon Haughey; Dr Connor Black; Dr Julie  Meneely; Dr Kevin Cooper;  Dr Marcia Monteiro; Dr Maeve Shannon; Dr Magdalena  Sliwinska-Bartel; Dr Terry McGrath; Dr Claire McVey; Dr Olivier Chevalier; Dr Annalisa Leone; Dr Leon Whiteman; Dr Olufunke Akiyode; Dr Ratnasekhar ChHolly MontgomeryNatasha Logan
 Dr Christopher Law
 Dr Ciara Rooney

 Dr Ciaren Graham

 Dr Claire McEvoy

 Dr Cuong Cao 

Post-docs: Dr Seong Ying Choi; Dr Yunfeng Zhao
 Dr D. Thorburn Burns
 Dr Danielle McCarthy
 Dr David Michael Scantlebury
 Dr Deepak Kumaresan

 Dr Edel Hyland

 Dr Emma Allott

 Prof Eric Morgan

Post-doc: Dr Kyriacos Kareklas

 Dr Fuquan Liu 

Post-docs: Dr Thomas Fleming, Dr Ruramayi M Nzum, Dr Frederic Mineur, Dr Antonio Foddai

 Dr Gareth Arnott

Post-doc: Dr Asad Javied
 Prof Gary Hardiman
 Dr Geoffrey Gobert

 Prof Geoff McMullan (Head, School of Biological Sciences)

Post-doc: Dr Mairead Connor
 Prof George Hutchinson
 Prof Gordon Allan
 Dr Hansjoerg Paul Kunc
 Dr Helen Coleman
 Prof Helen Roche 

 Prof Ian Fairweather
 Prof Ian Montgomery
 Dr Ian Young

 Prof Irene Grant 

Post-doc: Dr Antonio Foddai
 Prof Jaimie Dick

 Prof Jayne Woodside (Deputy Director, IGFS) 

Post-docs: Dr Sarah Brennan; Dr Sarah Moore; Dr Roisin O'Neill; Dr Claire Casey
 Dr Jennifer Houle
 Dr John E Hallsworth

 Prof John McGrath (Deputy Head, School of Biological Sciences) 

Post-docs: Dr Jason Chin, Dr Katrina Macintosh, Dr Damian Magill, Dr Luciana Minieri, Dr Magdalena Serkis-Rodzen, Dr Sudhirkumar Shinde

 Dr Johnathan Dalzell 

Post-doc: Dr Neil Warnock
 Dr Jonathan Houghton
 Dr Judith Stephens
 Dr Julia Sigwart

 Dr Katerina Theodoridou

Post-doc: Dr Jordi Ortuno Casanova


 Dr Katrina Campbell

Post-docs: Dr Chikere Nkwonta; Dr Jordi Nelis; Dr Tatiana Panov

 Dr Keith Farnsworth 

Post-doc: Dr Audric Vigier
 Dr Konstantin Panov
 Dr Laura McGowan
 Dr Leonid Kulakov
 Dr Linda Stewart

 Dr Lisa Connolly 

Post-doc: Dr Stephen Drain

 Dr Lorraine McKendrick

 Dr Louise Atkinson

 Prof Lynn Vanhaecke



Researchers in alphabetical order M-Z (click on a name to link through to researcher's profile):


Name E-mail

 Prof Mark Emmerson 

Post-docs: Dr Lupe Leon-Sanchez; Dr Dinara Sadykova

 Dr Mark Mooney 

Post-docs: Dr Anna Gadaj; Dr Darren Gray

 Dr Mark Robinson 

Post-doc: Dr Kathryn Huson
 Dr Martina Bozzola
 Dr Michael Scantlebury
 Dr Michael Stewart
 Prof Michelle McKinley

 Prof Moira Dean 

Post-docs: Dr Fiona LavelleDr Tony BensonDr Michelle Spence

 Dr Neil Reid

Post-doc: Dr Natasha McGowan
 Prof Niamh O'Connell

Post-docs: Dr Mary Baxter; Dr Maeve Palmer

 Prof Nigel Scollan (Director, IGFS)

Post-docs: Dr Anna MeljonDr Daniel Pavarini
 Dr Nikki Marks
 Dr Patrick Collins
 Prof Paul Brereton (Director, Strategic Alliances)
 Dr Paul Williams
 Dr Paul Caplat

 Prof Paulo Prodohl 

Post-doc: Dr Caroline Bradley

 Prof Peter Leavitt 

 Dr Qiaozhu Su

Post-doc: Dr Yuxin Wu
 Prof Robert Elwood
 Dr Robert (Bobby) Graham
 Prof Rudolf Krska 

 Dr Sarah Helyar
 Prof Saskia Van Ruth 

 Prof Seamus Fanning

 Prof Sharon Huws 

Post-doc: Dr Linda Oyama

 Dr Simon Doherty 

 Dr Simone Cerroni 

Post-doc: Dr Daniel Derbyshire
 Dr Tancredi Caruso
 Dr Tassos Koidis
 Prof Tim Day  
 Dr Valerie Holmes
 Dr William Crowe
 Prof Zoltan Takats 


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