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Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Policies, procedures and guidelines to inform researchers.

Governance and Integrity are essential to ensuring that the rights of research participants are safeguarded, that researchers have considered their own vulnerabilities when undertaking the research and that risks to themselves and to research participants are managed.

Policies, procedures and guidelines

Animal Research

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Human Tissue

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Research Integrity

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Research integrity


Our researchers work to the highest standards

The University has developed and implemented its Policy and Principles on the Ethical Approval of Research as it is concerned with the protection of the rights, dignity, health, safety, well-being and privacy of research participants, the welfare of animals and the protection of the environment.


Faculty Research Ethics

Faculty Research Ethics Committees
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Research Integrity

Online Training

Did you know that at Queen’s, we provide free online training on good research practices?

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Sponsorship, Peer Review and Health Trust Research

Sponsorship is when a sponsor, normally an organisation, takes responsibility for a number of different aspects of the research.