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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

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About KTP
A KTP is a mutually beneficial, three-way collaboration between:
  • A Graduate or post graduate (known as an Associate)
  • A Business (a company of any size, in any sector or a not for profit organisation)
  • A University / Research Institution (Knowledge Base).

KTPs are designed to deliver an innovation project and bring about lasting, transformative change. The project is led by a suitably qualified graduate (known as the Associate) with the capability to lead a strategic project with full support and input from the academic and business teams. This partnership embeds vital new expertise, stimulates business growth and powers innovation excellence.

Businesses need to be innovative to grow

The KTP Associate embeds their academic expertise, generates new knowledge, expands capability and fosters a culture of innovation within the business, with support from leading academics. For the business, this drives a competitive advantage through accelerated innovation, and the possibility of creating Intellectual Property. A KTP also increases revenue for the business through access to new markets and new product development, improves profits through efficiency gains, and, increases productivity through better processes.

KTP for Businesses
Graduates or soon-to-be Graduates

KTP at Queen's offers roles in many different disciplines including areas of: Biological Science, EEECS, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Management, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Mathematics and Physics, Biomedical Science and Pharmacy.

Current Opportunities