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Nurse Catherine lands dream job putting difficult past behind

Catherine Carlin will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Adult Nursing on Wednesday 8 December.

Aged only five, Catherine knew that she wanted to become a nurse.  

In 2016, soon after embarking on her degree in nursing, she became pregnant with her son Oliver.  

The year ahead was difficult for Catherine, who was experiencing emotional abuse from her partner. Struggling to cope with the stress of being a new mum and an abusive partner, Catherine took a break from studying. She sought help from Women’s Aid, started counselling and started to come out the other side of this dark time in her life. 

Catherine believes the determination of getting her dream job as a nurse kept her going. She rejoined Queen’s and while it was nerve-wracking to join a new group, Catherine says the help and support received from the team at Queen’s and her family helped to get her to the finish line.  

Catherine is delighted to be graduating with a degree in nursing and has already landed a job with the Belfast Trust. She says: “To anyone who is struggling, you aren’t on your own. No matter what happens in life, never give up and believe in your dreams.”  


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