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Queen’s academics pose key proposals for adult social care

Academics from Queen’s have had an important role in the recent Department of Health (DOH) recommendations for changes within the adult social care system in Northern Ireland.

The Minister for Health, Robin Swann, has recently announced a consultation on the Reform of Adult Social Care which contains a number of proposals, including those from a study completed by Prof Joe Duffy and Prof Gavin Davidson from the School of SSESW together with Dr Subhajit Basu, University of Leeds and Prof Katherine Pearson, Penn State University USA.

Their recommendations included legal reform to adult social care in Northern Ireland and the introduction of a Preventive/Support Visit to all older people from the age of 75 to assess and enable their continuing independence.

Research showed that these structured visits improved life expectancy and wellbeing among older people as well as lessening both care and hospital admissions.

Professor Joe Duffy, who led the original research for the Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland, said:  “We are hopeful that the proposals for reform will become a future part of the adult social care landscape in Northern Ireland. The recommendations, in particular  the  Preventive/Support Visits, will significantly benefit the older population in Northern Ireland as well as the rest of society”

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