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Dr Nik Ribianszky

Lecturer in US History

School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics (HAPP)

Dr Ribianszky is a lecturer in pre-Civil War US History whose research centres on enslaved and free Black people, race relations, violence, gender, and sexuality.

Dr Nik Ribianszky is an expert in pre-Civil War African American history, particularly focused on free people of African descent prior to the Civil War, race relations, and American women's history. Her first book Generations of Freedom: Gender, Movement, and Violence in Natchez, 1779-1865, was published by the University of Georgia Press in 2021. Out of her work on the free Black community of Natchez, Mississippi, she developed the Natchez Database of Free People of Color cataloguing this population of people and the Natchez Index of Free Individuals and Families of Color archiving transcriptions of primary source documents. She is also a partner on a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant with Enslaved: Peoples of the Historical Slave Trade through Matrix at Michigan State University.

Areas of Expertise

Race, Race Relations, Gender, Sexuality, Violence

Notable coverage

  • Televised discussion of Generations of Freedom: Gender, Movement, and Violence in Natchez, 1779-1865 on History Now, Northern Visions Television (NVTV), 2021

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Dr Nik Ribianszky
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