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Professor Graeme Swindles


School of Natural and Built Environment (NBE)

Professor Swindles has broad research interests in Earth System Science and works on topics concerning both past, present and future climate and environmental change. He has particular interests in global peatland dynamics, peatlands as nature-based climate solutions and the response of arctic ecosystems to climate warming.

His specific research foci include: Long-term eco-hydrological dynamics and functioning of temperate, tropical and subarctic peatlands; Testate amoebae as environmental indicators in peatlands and lakes; High-resolution dating methods including tephrochronology; Critical examination of past human response and adaptation to climate change; Use of temporal data and probability modelling in geohazards research; Use of quantitative reconstruction and statistical modelling techniques for understanding climatic and environmental change; Extreme events; Human-environment relations in the past-present-future, the Anthropocene, and the impacts of humans on Planet Earth.

Climate Change Environment
Areas of Expertise

Climate change, nature-based climate solutions, peatlands, earth system science, arctic

Professor Graeme Swindles
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