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Professor Manuel Salto Tellez

Chair of Molecular Pathology at Queen’s University Belfast , Director of Queen University Belfast’s Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence, Consultant Histopathologist and Molecular Diagnostician.

Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence

Professor Salto Tellez is an international pathologist and is one of the drivers behind the Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence.

“Who would have predicted years ago that molecular diagnostics, precision medicine, cancer immunotherapy and artificial intelligence would redefine the future of modern pathology?” says Professor Salto Tellez. His advocacy and work on digital pathology and morpho-molecular diagnostics across Europe, the UK and USA has helped the future of modern pathology.

Professor Salto Tellez is a leading academic medical practitioner in his area of expertise. He has been part of international working groups advising the US NIH and other national and international institutions. One of his latest research programmes is a Cancer Research UK Accelerator Award to foster the use of artificial intelligence and digital pathology in cancer research and cancer diagnostics. Professor Salto Tellez believes in a true synergy between healthcare, academia and industry.

Cancer Medicine
Areas of Expertise

Cancer research, precision medicine, artificial intelligence, digital pathology

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Professor Manuel Salto Tellez has provided expert comment and given interviews for a broad range of national and international media.

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Professor Manuel Salto Tellez
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