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Professor Shadd Maruna

Professor of Criminology

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work (SSESW)

Professor Maruna’s primary expertise is in the reintegration experiences of former prisoners in society.

Professor Maruna’s research explores issues of desistance, reintegration and redemption from multiple perspectives, including: life course exploratory research on pathways away from prison; critical research on the psychology of crime and remorse; applied research on reintegration efforts and psychological interventions inside and outside prisons; parole decision making for prisoner release; public opinion research on community attitudes regarding people who have been in prison; and efforts by former prisoners to politically organise and build a social movement.

Criminal justice Criminology
Areas of Expertise

Probation, prisons, parole, personality disorder, punitive public attitudes, rehabilitation/resettlement, and desistance from crime.

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Professor Shadd Maruna
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