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ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

Festival of Social Science 2024
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Introducing the ESRC IAA at Queen's

The ESRC IAA at Queen's helps to maximise the societal and economic impact of social science research by facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing with external partners. The scheme supports the translation of research findings into practical applications, policy recommendations and commercial opportunities.

Funding available
Rapid Impact (open)
Up to £1k for spontaneous opportunities
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Leading Impact (currently closed)
Up to £15k for social science impact initiatives
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CRoSS+ (currently closed)
Up to £10k for commercialisation projects
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Partnerships (currently closed)
Up to £5k for non-academic partnerships
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Placing People (currently closed)
Up to £5k for fellowships and practitioner appointments
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Impact Content and Events (closed)
Up to £1k for impact content and events
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Projects we have supported
  • Rapid Impact
    Name School Project title Project summary
    Rebecca Loader SSESW Reductions in Education Funding - Rapid Response View
    Emma Campbell NBE Running a EU 'Clever Cities' conference session on co-design View
    Nichola Booth SSESW Autism in the Air View
    Shane Brighton HAPP Talking to Americans about Northern Ireland: an Historical Briefing to British Diplomats in Washington View
    Laura Dunne SSESW Attendance at UN General Assembly event View
    Marek Martyniszyn Law Engagement with the European Court of Justice View


  • Leading Impact
    Name School Project title Project summary
    Yecid Ortega SSESW Improving community relations through understanding historic, linguistic and cultural identities View
    Christine Brown Wilson Nursing & Midwifery The Codesign of a Chinese Dementia Awareness Game View
    Denise Currie and Heike Schroder QMS Evidence-based Wellbeing Strategies for the Health and Social Care Workforce (NI): Informing Human Resource Strategy and Practice View
    Emma Reisz HAPP Participant auto-Ethnography Around Colonialism and Empire (PEACE) / working title: MMMV2 View
    Katerina Dounavi SSESW Acting on early life autism signs (Act-ELAS) View
    Cheryl Lawther Law Trend Indicator Toolkit for Dealing with Online Extremism View
    Pratyush Nath Upreti Law The Role of Geographical Indications in Promoting Rural Development in Nepal View
    Ruth Hunter MDBS There is no Planet B: The importance of protecting where we live View
    Tess Maginess SSESW Translating Age: Exploring attitudes to and experiences of ageing among older migrant women in Northern Ireland and Canada View
  • CROSS+
    Name School Project title Project summary
    Paulina Wilson Law Comparative law challenges in cross-border/multilingual law practice View
  • Partnerships
    Name School Project title Project summary
    Amy Jayne McKnight MDBS Extending RARDTAC, REDRESS-Rare, and RAiN rare disease networks to enhance impact from social science research View
    Edwar Calderon NBE Long-Live Diversity: Good Relations among young groups in Mid Ulster View
  • Placing People
    Name School Project title Project summary
    Liam O'Hare SSESW Innovation Zones ‘Conversations’ project secondment View

STRIDE Consultancy

STRIDE is a consultancy firm based at Queen's University Belfast, specialising in social impact programmes that work. It was supported through the CROSS strand.

Reducing Opioid Related Deaths

This project sought to reduce opioid related deaths for individuals who are at high risk of death from overdose on release from prison. It was supported through the Leading Impact strand.

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UKRI Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs) are strategic awards that offer funding to research organisations for a wide range of impact-driven activities. These awards allow research organisations to respond flexibly, responsively, and creatively to various opportunities for creating impact. There are 32 organisations across the UK with ESRC IAAs.

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