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The BBSRC IAA is currently open on a rolling basis. 

Please email if you would like to discuss a potential application.

BBSRC Impact Accelerator Account at Queen's

Building on the momentum achieved by existing Queen’s impact activities, the BBSRC IAA funding stream aims to deliver much needed investment in a range of activities to accelerate the effective delivery of research impact, drive a change in research culture and realise the opportunities for economic and social good that Queen's University's biotechnology and biological science research can offer.

This funding will drive impact through support for commercialisation potential, impact awareness and partnership development.

The Objectives of the BBSRC IAA at Queen's are:

  1. To develop an embedded impact, knowledge exchange and technology transfer culture as an integral part of biotechnology and biological science research within Queen’s by: Supporting the development of researcher engagement and impact; and Supporting researcher mobility and flexible people exchanges between organisations and the University, as a key way of exchanging skills and knowledge and developing longer-term working relationships;
  2. To lower the barriers that impede impact generating activities and to generate external validation through: Supporting innovative translation” fast fail”/preliminary scoping projects in a real environment; and Supporting end user engagement activities;
  3. To build on and diversify our portfolio of external partners (national and global) by engaging with new and existing users in research impact development;
  4. To support the early stages of potential impact via commercialisation of outputs by: Supporting preliminary confidence of concept and early-stage market validation activities as a channel to the larger funding e.g. InvestNI Proof of Concept; and
  5. To facilitate improved bids to funding bodies (e.g. BBSRC IPA), in terms of quality and success, by: Improved competence and understanding of impact; and Acquisition of effective preliminary data sets or clearer understanding of end user requirements.
Funding Available

There are 3 Funding Themes: Impact through Commercialisation; Impact through Awareness and Impact through Partnership.

Commercial Principle Push Fund
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Impact Action Fund
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Milk, yogurt and an array of fruits
Relationships Incubator Fund
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