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UK participants are eligible to apply to Horizon Europe as the UK decided to associate to the programme. The association process is a formality (the content is agreed) and will start soon. The UK will be able to access the programme from its start. A written statement confirming the eligibility of UK participants will be included in the call text. Applicants from Associated Countries can lead projects.

Horizon Europe vision is ablout a sustainable, fair and prosperous future for people and planet. The programme will:

  • invest in climate change research;
  • help to achieve Sustainable Development Goals;
  • boost the Union's competitiveness and growth.

Funding opportunities are organised into three main sections (see diagram below).

The call documents (work programmes) are published every two years.

You can find details on the Horizon Europe programme and its opportunities on the Participant Portal.

Queen’s staff will find relevant information in our EU SharePoint site. (For Queen’s staff only)