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Due Diligence

Increasing numbers of funders are requiring research organisations to conduct due diligence on overseas partners/collaborators/sub-contractors as part of the grant terms and conditions.  In response to this, QUB has developed an internal due diligence process and assigned a dedicated resource to aid academics in this process.  Information on this process can be found at the below link (internal staff only).

Due Diligence

QUB’s internal process is based upon the UKRI guidance with respect to due diligence, and as such encompasses the recommended pillars below.


Governance and Control Ability to Deliver Financial Stability
Governance Past Performance Financial viability
Fraud, bribery, corruption, money laundering and slavery Staff capacity and capability (number, track record) Financial Management e.g. experience of finance team and segregation of duties
Internal Controls  Infrastructure and programme management for research Strength of audit, internal and external
Risk Management  Monitoring and management  Value for money
Ethics  Training Policies, procedures and systems – incl IT systems
Assurance Processes   Equality and Diversity Separate bank account 
Research Governance Data Management  Income from other sources – diversity of income streams
Misconduct  Openness and Publications transparency  


QUB adopt a risk based approach with respect to due diligence, recommending the conducting of due diligence at all stages of the project lifecycle – application, contract and post award stage.

For any individual questions or further information relating to due diligence, please contact the the Due Diligence Team at the below email address.