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10 December, 2019

Promoting Sustainable Health and Well being in Angola

A DfE-GCRF project led by Dr Lynne Lohfeld from School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Centre for Public Health

What is the project about?

The “Promoting Sustainable Health and Wellbeing in Angola: A Pilot Project to Develop an Evidence-based Approach for Improved Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment of Childhood Cancer” project was conducted in 2017. This was a follow on to an earlier DfE-GCRF funded project to co-host a workshop in Luanda, Angola, to set cancer research and action priorities in that country. Dr Lohfeld travelled to Angola to meet key personnel in Luanda; develop and co-lead a workshop to present relevant research at the University of 11 November (UON) in Cabinda Province, a poor and geographically isolated area in the northwest of the country; and host the first of its kind International Childhood Cancer Day in Cabinda City.


What were the project outcomes? 

This grant allowed the expansion of recent partnerships with Angolans forged during the cancer priority-setting workshop. It also contributed to the development of Angolan and UK expertise needed to strengthen healthcare services for the many children with cancer needing diagnosis or treatment in Angola.


ODA - Direct benefit? 

The project provided direct benefit to Angola by assisting researcher-educators, clinicians and policy makers develop regional and national cancer registries, plus document lay and practitioner responses to signs of possible cancer in children and youth. This project also enabled the Queen’s-Angolan team to co-host a major public event to increase awareness about childhood cancer. There has been expressed interest in Angolans hosting another childhood cancer day event in 2019.