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Current MoUs with International Partners
Country Partner School Type Academic Expiry
Brazil Universidade de Sao Paulo Institutional Institutional-level N/A 04/09/2025
China Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration, CAGS, UNESCO International Center on Global-Scale Geochemistry Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty-Level MoU Professor Jennifer McKinley 07/05/2024
Vietnam Hanoi University of Public Health Institutional Institutional-level Professor Frank Kee / Dr Thai Son Mai 24/05/2029
Chile Universidad de Chile School of Social Sciences, Education & Social Work / CESI School-level Dr Maria Cockerill 05/05/2025
Colombia Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Institutional Institutional-level N/A 23/06/2025
Colombia Universidad de los Andes Institutional Institutional-level N/A 30/06/2025
Colombia Universidad del Rosario Institutional Institutional-level N/A 29/07/2025
Ireland NUI Galway CESI School-level Dr Kathryn Higgins 29/09/2025
USA Chapin Hall CESI School-level Dr Kathryn Higgins 25/06/2025
Ireland University College Dublin Institutional Institutional-level N/A 07/09/2026
Belgium University of Antwerp Institutional Institutional-level Professor John Turner 18/03/2027
Brazil The Federal University of Goias Centre for Public Health Institutional-level Professor Gerry McKenna 19/03/2026
Colombia The Colombian Corporation of Agricultural Research - AGROSAVIA Insitutional Institutional-level Professor Sharon Huws 09/09/2026
Brazil The Rio de Janeiro Law School at Fundação Getulio Vargas Insitutional Institutional-level Professor Giancarlo Frosio 29/11/2028
Brazil Federal University of Santa Catarina Centre for Public Health Institutional-level Dr Leandro Garcia 08/11/2026
Country Partner School Type Academic Expiry