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Research Themes

Research to Reality

We’re committed to making a meaningful impact on the world. A community of innovators, disruptors and change-makers, we’re working with industry to broaden our translational impact to help tackle the global challenges of our age.

Healthy living for all

Colleagues across our Schools and Faculties are dedicated to deepening our understanding of diseases, and developing solutions and treatments for them.

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A Transformative and Sustainable Economy

The economy of the next 100 years will be a necessarily different one to the economy we experience today.

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Secure Connected Intelligence – Ai and the Data Revolution

Researchers at Queen’s are on a mission to make the changing global digital space both safer and faster.

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Human-environment Relations

Understanding the relationship between humans and our environment has never been more important.

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Inclusive and Cohesive Communities

As a University based in Belfast, we are proud of our longstanding and world leading track record in research relating to peace, identity, culture, conflict and social sustainability.

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Global Research Impact - Case Studies

Our research activity has global impact, and we continue to expand our reach through collaboration, building research partnerships locally, nationally and internationally.

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