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Postgraduate Study at Queen's

Listen to our graduates stories of how postgraduate study at Queen's enhanced their career prospects

If you would like to join the ranks of our prestigious alumni and give your career a boost, take the first step and register for our Postgrauate Open Day taking place on 21 April 2021.

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Nicole McFall, MA History

"I saw the masters degree as a unique opportunity to refine my skills. I found out a lot more about myself because it put me in an environment that I'm not used to.

We have fantastic facilities here, especially in the Graduate School, and I knew about the support networks that existed. It made me stand out from the competition within the job industry."

James Lappin, Postgraduate Diploma Personnel Management

"I have moved on from working in purely administration roles, with some career progression, I'm now working with the most advanced law firm in the world.

So I would advise anyone looking into postgraduate study- don't hesitate, look into it, it will advance your career, it will open doors."

Brendan Tabb, Postgraduate Diploma Corporate Governance

"I decided I wanted to enhance my career prospects by getting an additional law degree and I decided Queen's would be the perfect place to do that because of it's reputation. Professionally it helped me secure a job in the profession I wanted to go in to- the legal profession.

It's going to be an extra competitive job market now in the future after the pandemic and I found that, after the previous crash, the extra qualification really helped me secure my career objectives."

Ailbhe Hickey, MSc Town and Country Planning

"I had a real interest in Urban Planning and that led me to look at Queen's. Belfast is a great city, it's very cosmopolitan . I hadn't been here prior than coming here to study. The city is really friendly. It's a really thriving city. It's full of culture."

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