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Faculty Focus Newsletter

Faculty Focus Newsletter November - Welcome

Dear Colleague

As we commence the final third of the semester, I am encouraged to hear about how teaching is progressing. Students and staff have adapted to a new model of learning and while we hope for greater face-to-face engagement with students, online delivery is working.  This is in no small part, due to the ongoing concerted efforts of staff.

Together with the Deans and Heads of Schools we are now planning for Semester 2.  As we do, I am reminded of Peter Drucker, an eminent Management scholar who stated that ‘The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different’.  As a FEB we have therefore agreed 6 principles to guide our planning for teaching in Semester 2, with optimizing the quality of the student experience being the first and most important.

Of course, we are also looking to the future in terms of the new University Strategy.  This week FEB met to discuss some of the initial proposals and I know that the Vice-Chancellor is keen to engage with staff to seek your contribution.  Last week, over 30 staff from across EPS and AHSS met to discuss greater collaboration in teaching and research across the University.  Personally, I was excited about the ambition to enhance student learning and the different pathways to this.  We are now forming an ‘Empowerment group’ to develop this initiative.  We would be delighted if you wanted to be part of this group.  If you would like to contribute, please email

As you will read in the newsletter, AHSS is an extremely busy Faculty with many successes – well done to everyone with new research publications, awards, research grants and external appointments!  As always, my virtual office door is open, so please don’t hesitate to contact  – even to tell me about your work!

Kind regards.


Nola Dundas-Hewitt