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QCAP Belmont Collaboration Expo

On the 3 November 2023, Dr Andrew Grounds from QCAP presented at the Belmont Data Collaborative Data Research EXPO. This conference input resulted from a broader engagement between the QCAP team and the Belmont Data Collaborative around mutual academic interests in democratising data and how it can be used to promote social justice and positive outcomes for communities. The symposium was hosted in, Nashville Tennessee and welcomed input from a range of stakeholders from the local policy, academic and community sectors. 

QCAP’s conference presentation showcased its ongoing work around data for action and how data and the use of relevant data products (such as dashboards) can strengthen engagement and create impact for community partners. It also highlighted how recent participation in the Kainos One Health Accelerator is helping to explore market opportunities and provide support to sustain and scale QCAP’s data for action work in the short, medium, and long term.

Moving forward QCAP is committed to working with Belmont’s Data Collaborative Team, especially Catherine Bass and Marquinta Harvey, who have been important in facilitating the discussions to date.

This work is also representative of the evolving international partnership between the North American Office at QUB, the QCAP team and Belmont University in general. All partners are committed to advancing the work presented at the Data Research EXPO and exploring the scope for future academic collaboration and engaged research projects in this area.