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Queen's Vice-Chancellor and Minster Deirdre Hargey visit Market area of Belfast

L-R: Niki McKnight QCAP Programme Manager, Fionntán Hargey MDA Director, Alistair Stewart Queen's University, Deirdre Hargey MLA, Minister for Communities, Moira Doherty DfC, Professor Ian Greer, Queen's Vice-Chancellor, Prof Kathryn Higgins QCAP Director, Tony Murphy DfC, Natasha Sayee Executive Office, Aine Brady DfC, Prof Brendan Murtagh QCAP and Dr Andrew Grounds QCAP.

Today, (Friday 21 October) Queen’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer, along with Communities Minister, Deirdre Hargey, senior officials from the Department for Communities (DfC), and a representative from the Head of the Civil Service visited the Market Area of Belfast for a site visit and briefing meeting on the partnership between Queen’s Communities and Place (QCAP) and the Market Community.  

Today's visit highlighted the work of the initiative and facilitated conversations around progress to date and plans for the future. It was a unique opportunity for discussions between the partnership and decision makers from Queen's, Department for Communities and the Northern Ireland Civil Service. 

The visit provided an opportunity for the stakeholders of QCAP to get an insight into the work of the partnership. This included a tour of a number of sites at which QCAP and the community are working together to ensure maximum benefit for the community.  

Queen’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer and Minister Hargey strengthened their commitment to working together collaboratively to address societal inequalities and the challenges faced by communities and to make this work sustainable. 

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