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The Pulse Edition 6


Welcome to the latest and final edition of 'The Pulse' for 2019. As mentioned in the last publication, we will be broadcasting a series of videos on various key topics and events relative to all staff within Medicine, Health and Life Sciences.

Our first faculty ‘pop up’ event took place on Wednesday 11th December in the new School of Biological Sciences building. This was an opportunity for our faculty and school staff to meet and discuss the support available in areas of interest such as; research funding, student recruitment, people management, budgeting, and gender equality initiatives and data analytics.  We look forward to continuing these events and meeting with all of the staff in schools who are contributing to the great work within the University. They are a great way to get to know colleagues and will improve how we get things done.

The next year will see the development and implementation of a new academic plan and it is really important to have a clear understanding of where the schools and faculties are moving as well as take into consideration upcoming challenges such as Brexit and the subsequent changes that may come from restored Government in NI. Our mission to deliver great education and high quality research to improve our world will keep us on course and provide opportunities to have a positive impact nationally and internationally.

I hope you have a fantastic vacation. Have great fun with friends and family, think new thoughts and look forward to next year’s challenges and successes.



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