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Keeping the Person in Personalised Medicine

Ni Science Festival
February 20, 2019
Graduate School,QUB, University Rd, Belfast, BT7 1NN
19:00 - 20:00

NI Science Festival: Keeping the Person in Personalised Medicine

Join Professor Mark Lawler of Queens University for this panel discussion aimed at bringing together scientists, patients, industry and healthcare professionals to share their expertise, and help promote a personalised approach to the use of precision cancer medicine. Cancer treatments can be long and gruelling, even more so when the treatment received isn’t the best for certain types of cancers. By using this new discipline of tailoring medication to specific needs, which Northern Ireland is a world leader in, innovative treatments can be created and will ultimately help reduce the burden of cancer for us all. This event is in conjunction with the Annual Irish Association for Cancer Research Conference which is taking place in Belfast this year.


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