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MHLS Technical staff Professional Registration Workshop

Following on from our successful Technician Event in June, we are delighted to offer an opportunity for our MHLS technicians to find out more about Professional Registration.

Professional registration can help you by:

  • Providing recognition for professional excellence in the role you're in now, as well as a framework to support your future career development
  • Providing wider recognition for skills gained through work
  • Demonstrating your commitment to employers, colleagues and clients
  • Creating a broader community of scientists working across a huge range of sectors and disciplines

Professional registers recognise the range of knowledge, experience and professionalism that are sought after by employers and demanded by the public. What's more, they stay valid throughout your career by demonstrating your commitment to your own development. Whilst an academic qualification demonstrates your achievement, professional registration captures your career development on the job skills, alongside any formal qualifications.

During the workshop support will be provided by IST and the Science Council on completing the application, and in particular the Competency Report.

Information on Professional Registration can be found here

Queries can be sent to Gillian Riddell