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Belfast Region City Deal

Queen’s is delivering a transformational £230m programme of innovation

Through Belfast Region City Deal, our vision as a civic university is to bring lasting economic and social benefits to the people of Northern Ireland and beyond. We’re working with our partners to deliver a transformational £230m programme of innovation, with a funding commitment of £170m from the UK Government and Northern Ireland Executive.  We are harnessing huge opportunities through collaboration with industry, government and communities.  


With forward-thinking people and proven excellence in research capability we are well-placed to drive progress for generations to come through our data-driven Innovation Centres in advanced manufacturing, clinical research and secure, connected digital technologies.    

We’re proud to be a key partner in the highly ambitious Belfast Region City Deal which overall will unlock £1 billion of transformative co-investment to deliver over 20 highly ambitious projects and programmes.

City Deal is creating up to 20,000 new and better jobs and helping to make the region a global investment destination over the next decade. 


We want to ensure the Centres help fulfil the vision for inclusive, sustainable economic growth that delivers more and better jobs.

Using cutting-edge technologies our experts are building on a track record of research excellence. We’re working with forward-thinking partners to identify and address challenges within our factories, farms and clinical facilities.

Technology is key but it will always need skilled people to ensure it works in the best way. Our Centres are focussed on looking to the future to ensure that Northern Ireland has the skilled workforce it needs to continue to innovate and drive technological advances.


The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Momentum One Zero and iREACH Health build on the areas where Queen’s has demonstrated research excellence.

They provide vital insights into the industries of the future, supporting businesses with access to tools and testing new approaches that give data meaning and drive innovation.  

These Centres are designed to address societal challenges by bringing together the ingenuity of the private sector, the enabling capacities of central and local governments, and the creativity and problem-solving capabilities of our global experts.    

They will deliver on community priorities, drive civic and economic development for the people of Northern Ireland through the creation of 4,000 jobs, and impact the wellbeing of the world. 


Our Impact

Queen's Innovation Centres are bringing lasting economic and social impact benefits for the people of Northern Ireland, where new opportunities are delivering real impact.


Addressing economic and social challenges requires doing things differently, changing significantly and innovating continuously. Solving big problems requires unprecedented levels of partnership. 

Working with forward-thinking partners locally, nationally and globally we’re transforming our digital economy, reinvigorating our region’s industrial potential and supporting Northern Ireland’s ambitions to be a global leader in life and health sciences. 

EY Economists project that the three Queen’s Innovation Centres will deliver:



£1.9BN - £2.6BN





What is a region city deal?

  1. It is transformative. Simply, city deals are injections of capital funding from central and regional government.
  2. It creates strong partnerships. It enables our region to create new infrastructure for innovation and regional development. However, it’s the creation of partnerships between the public and private sectors that make City Deals so significant.
  3. It’s a reset button. The deal allows us to come together and think about what our industries really need and what will genuinely benefit our communities.

Why Queen's?

  1. We have been at the forefront of breakthroughs in innovation since 1845. Our strategy for the next decade to Shape a Better World will see us strive for inclusive growth in the region.
  2. We want to deliver practical solutions to real problems. Being a partner in the Belfast Region City Deal means we can build much-needed infrastructure to make this happen.
  3. This is an unprecedented collaborative opportunity for Queen’s to work alongside Ulster University, government, local authorities and industry partners to tackle key challenges.


Here, great minds and great thinking come together for the greater good. With the right infrastructure and people, we can set the region on a new and better path.

Together we will catalyse, commercialise and apply innovation to elevate our region, long famed for its inherent entrepreneurial spirit.

With planning permission secured for the Factory of the Future, AMIC’s appointed contractors, Henry Brothers, have started construction on our state-of-the-art Factory of the Future.

iREACH Health recently received full planning approval, and the team is working towards full business case approval and construction starting on the Lisburn Road later this year.

Momentum One Zero is consulting with partners as it sets out plans for new collaborative working spaces and technology infrastructure at its 10,000 sq metre hub in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.


Contact the Belfast Region City Deal team at Queen's University for more information, or if you'd like to be involved.

Email us at or get in touch with specific team members.

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