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Giving from the US

Friends of the Queen's University of Belfast, Inc.

Donors from the US can give tax-efficiently through Friends of The Queen’s University of Belfast, Inc. 

Friends of the Queen's University of Belfast, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation and donations to it are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Friends of The Queen’s University of Belfast, Inc. can accept donations of appreciated stock, matching gifts, cheques, wire transfers and planned gifts. Donors can advise the Friends where they would like their donation to be directed. The Friends Board, which has discretion over the distribution of all gifts, will consider donor wishes when making grants.

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Foreign Currency Exchange: An exchange gain or loss may be incurred by a change in the exchange rate used such as when a gift is made at one rate and the payment received at another, this will generate an exchange gain or loss. 

  • Gifts by Wire Transfer

Gifts can be transferred electronically to the Friends account to ensure prompt receipt of the funds. If you would like to make a gift via wire transfer, please contact Jacqui McCormick, Donor Relations Manager, who will provide you with the relevant details.

  • Make a Gift by Check/Post 

To make a gift by post please download and complete the US Donation Form. 

Please send the completed form and check to:

Friends of The Queen's University of Belfast, Inc.
O.S.I. Management Inc. 
1629 K ST Suite 300 
Washington DC 20006 

  • Gift of Publicly Traded Securities 

Gifts of stocks and shares can be accepted by Friends of the Queen’s University of Belfast, Inc. and may provide significant benefits to you as a donor. It allows for you to claim a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities as of the date of the gift and eliminate capital gains. 

Please contact Jacqui McCormick, Donor Relations Officer, for details of our investment account. 

  • Make a Gift Online by Credit Card 

To make a gift online by credit card, please visit the USA Giving Page - 

A small administration fee is incurred by the Friends for these gifts.

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  • For Visa/MasterCard/Maestro cards, there is a 2.75% + 19p per transaction fee.  
  • For American Express cards, this rate is higher at 3.5% + 19p per transaction. 
  • Donor-Advised Funds 

Donor-Advised funds (DAFs) allow you to establish a charitable giving account in exchange for an immediate tax deduction. You can then recommend Friends of the Queen’s University of Belfast, Inc. to receive grants from the fund. 

  • Matched Gifts 

Friends of the Queen’s University of Belfast, Inc. can also accept tax-deductible contributions from US corporate matching gift programs.  You should ask your employer and send the relevant paperwork with their donation to the Friends. 

  • Legacy Giving 

Legacy gifts from USA taxpayers channelled through ‘Friends of The Queen’s University of Belfast, Inc.’ are deductible for US estate tax purposes. 

Bequests can be made by creating a new will, adding a codicil to a current will, designating Friends of The Queen’s University of Belfast, Inc. as a beneficiary of a retirement plan (IRA), or naming the Friends in a revocable trust or other estate plan. 

The following example may be tailored to best suit your particular financial circumstances. To create a bequest for immediate use, the preferred phrase is:  

“I give (the sum of $_____) (____% of my estate), to Friends of The Queen’s University of Belfast, Inc., a 501(c) (3) charity, for the benefit of Queen’s University Belfast (if your bequest is for a specific purpose, state the purpose, “although I understand that this request is not binding on the part of the Trustees”).” 

All legacy gifts should be referred to Louise Carey (Legacies Manager).

  • The British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF) 

You can also donate tax-efficiently through the British Schools and Universities Foundation.  Queen’s is registered with BSUF, and gifts can be made via check or credit card. 

To donate via BSUF go to 

Please complete and enclose a Donor Transmittal Form with your donation. 

These donations are received directly into The Queen’s University of Belfast Foundation account.  Dispersals from BSUF are quarterly. 

  • The Ireland Funds America 

You can also make gifts through the Ireland Funds America.  The Ireland Funds America provide crucial support for the work of organisations across the island of Ireland.  Make a Gift | The Ireland Funds