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Certificate in American Business Practice

1. The following regulation applies to students who participate in the Department for the Economy (DfE) Study USA programme (SUSA).

2. Students may apply for the Study USA programme during their Level 2 year of study, for participation in the programme the following year.  Students studying Medicine or Dentistry must obtain permission from the School.  To be eligible to participate in the Study USA programme, students must normally have passed all modules taken in Level 2 before taking up their US college placements.  All Level 2 modules must be passed at the first attempt and not by resit. In respect of modules assessed or examined at the end of the first semester this means that the student must have passed those modules by the end of February in the Level 2 year of study. In respect of all other modules taken in that year the student must have passed those modules by the end of June. 

Where a student has failed to complete a module due to illness, or other sufficient cause as agreed by the Head of School or nominee, or where a Board of Examiners has set aside an examination result on medical or other sufficient grounds, then such a student will be deemed to have satisfied the requirements of this regulation. Evidence of such exceptional circumstances must have been submitted in the normal manner i.e. within three working days of returning to their studies, or, in the case of emergencies which arose during examinations, by the published deadline (see Study Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes 4.1 - 4.11).   

3. To qualify for the award of the Certificate in American Business Practice on completion of the Study USA programme, students must:

  1. Complete the year of study at an approved USA College (this is confirmed by the award of the DfE certificate);
  2. Obtain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0;
  3. Successfully complete the Personal Development Portfolio required by the British Council; and
  4. Successfully complete the project undertaken as part of the Study USA programme.