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Terms and Conditions (Taught Programmes)

When applicants are offered a place on an undergraduate or postgraduate taught course delivered at the University, they are notified of the terms and conditions between the University and students on taught programmes of study. These terms and conditions are specific to the student’s year of entry.

The terms and conditions provide students with information about the University’s policies and regulations. They also define the University’s obligations to students and students’ obligations to the University.

By accepting an offer of a place on a programme at the University, and/or enrolling, students are agreeing to comply with, and be bound by, the terms and conditions. These form part of the contract between a student and the University. It is, therefore, important that students read and understand these.

The University will review and, if appropriate, update aspects of the terms and conditions annually and students will be notified of significant changes that affect them directly.  Students will be asked to re-confirm their acceptance of the terms and conditions, including any changes notified, when they re-enrol each academic year.

See terms and conditions for entry onto taught programmes (since 2017).


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