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Sir Jeffrey Donaldson sets out his vision for Northern Ireland

In his Queen’s University's AE22 Leader's Lecture, the leader of the DUP stressed the idea of "fairness for everyone in Northern Ireland".

Ryan Feeney, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson and Prof Richard English
Mr Ryan Feeney, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP and Professor Richard English

"My vision is neither narrow nor partisan", Sir Jeffrey said. "As a community I want us to move forward together. I want Northern Ireland to work for everyone".

The coming election, said Sir Jeffrey, would determine the future direction of Northern Ireland itself, not least on the NI Protocol, but also on the prospects of a future border poll, along with many aspects of life in Northern Ireland.

One the Protocol, the DUP leader said: "Slowly but surely our strategy is working. People are coming to see the harm the Protocol is doing. This is good not just for unionists but for all consumers and businesses in Northern Ireland".

Sir Jeffrey went on to set out his vision for better schools, the health service and a thriving economy in Northern Ireland, before taking questions from the audience, moderated by Professor Richard English.

For the full speech and the subsequent question and answer session, watch the recording here:

This series has been taking place on campus, in the Great Hall and other lecture theatres, as well as being made available on our website.