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Aontú leader calls for overhaul of NI Institutions

In his Queen’s University's AE22 Leader's Lecture, the leader of Aontú said that in 30 years he had not seen the "democratic process in the north of Ireland in such a chaotic state".

Peadar Tóibín TD and Ryan Feeney in front of the Lanyon.
Mr Peadar Tóibín TD and Mr Ryan Feeney at the Lanyon Building

Mr Tóibín said that there are "44,000 people in this state that are currently on waiting lists for housing; there's 260,000 people who are on waiting lists for hospital appointments for more than one year; there's about 300,000 people who are in poverty currently...and the fact that that is happening while at the same time we have a government and Executive that is suspended is absolutely incredible".

He went on to discuss problems with the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and the institutions it inaugurated, and argued that change would be impossible if people kept voting for the parties that had been in power for the last 24 years.

For the full speech and the subsequent question and answer session, watch the recording here:

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