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International Collaborative Forum on Branding and Marketing

This forum provided an opportunity for information sharing between NI exporters, debating common themes and tapping into the themes of Queen's University and the other NI Chamber International Champions; Grant Thornton and A&L Goodbody.

The next in the series of interntional forums focused on the importance of branding and marketing in a company’s international growth journey.  Company speakers sharing their story included Kestrel Foods Limited and Ardmore.

Bronagh Clarke, Marketing Director at Kestrel Foods, shared how the company has marketed its Forest Feast and Acti-Snack snack brands across multiple international territories. With 24 years of consistent growth, Kestrel Foods has a strong presence in the UK and Ireland, as well as exporting to 24 countries including Russia, Hong Kong, Norway, Denmark & UAE.

Attendees heard from marketing and branding experts Ardmore. Managing Director Mark Irwin will provide technical insights into how to effectively manage your brand to achieve international growth. He will be joined by John Harris, CEO of Worldwide Partners, a global network of owner-led, marketing services agencies.

NI Chamber’s International Champions A&L Goodbody, Grant Thornton and Queen’s University will also be on hand to share their expertise in international business growth.