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"Policing Peace Abroad": Royal Ulster Constabulary GC Foundation Lecture 2023

Mr Andrew Carpenter, designer of a human-rights compliant international policing programme for the UN, gave the third annual RUC GC Foundation Lecture on 31 October 2023.

Andrew Carpenter giving the 2023 RUC GC Foundation lecture

Mr Carpenter, currently a Senior Lecturer in Policing in the School of Law, Policing & Social Sciences, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, called on his experience as Chief of Strategic Planning, Policy & Development in the Police Division of the UNDPO to address the complexities of international policing.

There is an enduring need for police officers to be deployed overseas, but in an era of globalisation and international partnerships, argued Mr Carpenter, we are not preparing police officers for a career beyond the jurisdiction of where they start policing. Given that the international policing system is composed of volunteer police officers drawn from a wide range of national jurisdictions, in all their variety, there is a clear need for agreed norms and standards, and for an approach to training that will equip police from all over the world to take part in joint initiatives. 

This was the aim of the Strategic Guidance Framework for International Policing (SGF) designed and delivered by Mr Carpenter and his team. The SGF was the first human rights-compliant, gender-responsive and evidence-based doctrine for international policing for the United Nations. It has been endorsed by three UN resolutions, and obtained the support of all 193 UN Member States, as well as the AU; EU; IACP; INTERPOL; and OSCE.

Following the talk, Mr Carpenter took part in a question and answer session with a well-informed audience, ably steered by Professor Cherie Armour, Director of Research and Professor of Psychological Trauma and Mental Health in the School of Psychology, a former President of the UK Psychological Trauma Society and a leading expert in the trauma experienced by the military, police and emergency workers.

A video of the event will be made available shortly.