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Fiona Murphy

Fiona Murphy

TEDx Ctrl+Alt+Del Speaker on Stage - Dr Fiona Murphy
Fiona Murphy
Senior Lecturer in Anthroplogy

Official TEDx Talk  - 'Displacement is About All of us'

Talk Overview

This talk will take a personal story of displacement and travel with it into its entanglements with other displacement stories on the island of Ireland and beyond.

In it, we will take a journey where, we consider how a full reckoning with displacement issues is now more urgent than ever before.


About the Speaker

Fiona Murphy is an anthropologist based in Queen’s University Belfast. As an anthropologist of displacement, she works with Stolen Generations in Australia and people seeking asylum and refuge in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Turkey. She has a particular passion for creative and public anthropologies and is always interested in experimenting with new forms and genres. 

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