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Ralph Lavery

Ralph Lavery
Ralph Lavery
PhD Student, The Bryden Centre


TEDx Talk - 'It’s Complicated: The History of Ammonia and the Human Race'


Talk Overview

Human’s have used ammonia in various forms for thousands of years to improve our quality of life. This talk explores the history of our relationship with ammonia, from the ancient world in Europe and Asia, to the Haber-Bosch process and modern life. Exploring how our use and production of ammonia has evolved as well as the aspects of how our relationship needs to change to be sustainable and carbon zero. The concept of how ammonia can form a key component of the energy transition to a global hydrogen economy is further explored and presented.


About the Speaker

Ralph Lavery is a Chemical Engineer PhD candidate researching how to develop sustainable energy systems to facilitate a faster transition away from fossil based heat and energy production in a range of sizes and applications at the Bryden Centre in QUB.

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