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Race and Policing in the Americas Seminar Series Keynote Lecture

October 20, 2021
ONLINE - Zoom Webinar
16:00 - 17:00

Race and Policing in the Americas Seminar Series Keynote Lecture

Wednesday 20 October                               7pm BST time (UK); 2pm EST
The Shape of the Whole, Or, the There There.
Micol Seigel (Indiana University)
 has shifted the focus of carceral studies from prisons to the mechanisms that fill them.  Abolitionist scholar-activists now include police in their sights as a matter of course.  Seigel takes this broadening of vision a step farther to look at another isle of the carceral archipelago—or a submerged crag of the iceberg—that too often evades critical focus.
Micol is Professor of American Studies and History at Indiana University Bloomington. She is the author of Uneven Encounters: Making Race and Nation in Brazil and the United States (Duke UP 2009) and editor of Panic, Transnational Cultural Studies, and the Affective Contours of Power (Routledge 2018). In her most recent book, Violence Works: State Power and the Limits of the Police (Duke UP 2018) she offers a new theorization of the quintessential incarnation of state power: the police. Foregrounding the interdependence of policing, the state, and global capital, Seigel redefines policing as “violence work,” showing how it is shaped by its role of channeling state violence.
Chair: Andrew Pepper (Queen’s University Belfast)
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