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Belfast and Northern Ireland

4 Ways to Become a Game of Thrones Tourist

Game of Thrones – the world’s top TV show. You might not know – a load of it is filmed in and around Belfast. While you’re waiting for season 8 (I know it’s taking ages!) then check out these 4 ways to become a GoT tourist! POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!

banner - giants causeway

Apologies in advance for the horrendously cheesy GoT puns (they’re almost deserving of their own walk of shame)!

1. Filming locations

Tapestry ticked off? Why not make a visit to some of the filming locations. The likes of the Throne set in King’s Landing, and many other sets are out at the Titanic film studios. Although you won’t be able to see much out here so why not travel round a bit of Northern Ireland and see some of the rest of Westeroes?

Titanic studios new

Titanic Film Studios

One spectacular place to visit is the North Coast. There are various filming locations across this coast whether it be Dragonstone, the Iron Islands or the King’s Road. As you probably remember from the series, these locations are truly stunning - the area is one of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is also home to the world famous Giant’s Causeway. Who knows you might even see GoT’s very own giant Clegane if you visit the Causeway.

Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway

2. The North

Another location worth a visit is Castle Ward otherwise known as home of the King of the North - Winterfell. In its everyday life it’s a National Trust property but is transformed into the castle of everyone’s favourite’s family - The Starks. There better not be any Lannister fans amongst you!

castle ward westeros

Castle Ward

As you can imagine, there’s loads of other locations where GoT is filmed. Some are in more exotic locations like Spain and Croatia - not sure the likes of Bravos could be found in Northern Ireland! Other filming locations in Northern Ireland include the gigantic Ice Wall which is actually a quarry in Magheramorne Quarry with some fancy special effects added to it.

3. RIP Hodor

This one isn’t really a filming location but it’s definitely part of the GoT tourist trail. Across Northern Ireland there are ten doors in dedication to everyone’s favourite character Hodor and his tragic end (think I’m going to cry again reliving that moment). Visiting these doors is a fun way to see different parts of Northern Ireland and pay tribute to our beloved Hodor (who is in fact played by Kristian Nairn DJ who can be found across Belfast’s clubs)

 Hodor door

One of the 10 GoT doors located around NI

4. GoT Star Spotting

Once you’ve ticked off each of the GoT doors why not do a bit of actor spotting so you can get that autograph and selfie with Kit Harrington. Good places to hang out are near the Titanic studios and the Belfast airports where the actors fly home from. Try not to be too stalkerish though - we all know what happens to be stalkery character of Petyr Baelish (sorry if I’ve just spoiled series 7 for you!)

Kit Harrington 

Kit Harrington (Did this really need a caption?)

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