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Belfast and Northern Ireland

VIDEO: Come with me on a trip to the Giant's Causeway!

If you're living in Queen's accommodation make sure to take advantage of all the trips. They're a great way to make new friends and see more of Northern Ireland. Join Camila for a trip to the Giant's Causeway, the Dark Hedges and the North Coast.

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Queen's Accommodation

Life in Belfast

Camila Montero

English | Postgraduate Student | Uruguay

My name is Camila and I’m from Uruguay (South America). I graduated as an English- Spanish Translator and moved to Belfast to do a Master’s Degree in English (Literary Studies). I live in Elms BT1 and plan to see as many new places as I can while I’m here, so in my spare time I always sign up for the accommodation activities and trips. I am also passionate about yoga, literature and art so you can always count on me to go to a museum or take a yoga class in the Botanic Gardens.

Camila Montero