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Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 5 June, 2018

Starting out at a new university can be a very overwhelming experience, let alone moving to a new country. Here are six tips and tricks I picked up when moving from Canada to Belfast!

veggie food
Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 8 October, 2018

Having a vegetarian or vegan diet can be quite difficult to maintain, especially when you want to get some takeout, or go to a restaurant with friends. Tejinder's here with a guide to all the best places to eat around campus.

charity shop banner 2
Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 15 October, 2018

If you’re feeling a little strapped for cash after paying for your tuition fees and accommodation, check out Tejinder’s guide to the best thrift stores near campus to save you some cash!

toothbrush banner
Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 15 October, 2018

As a first-year dental student last year, Tejinder was not completely sure of what she was signing up for so she has created a guide to Dentistry at Queen’s for anyone interested in the course.

coffee banner 1600x575
Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 13 November, 2018

A good cup of coffee can make a study session so much more bearable. However, getting that good cup of coffee along with the right atmosphere can be difficult. Check out Tejinder's guide to the best around campus.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 20 November, 2018

Now in her second year as a dental student, Tejinder is sharing a guide to Dentistry at Queen’s for anyone interested in the course.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 26 November, 2018

When Tejinder moved to Belfast she decided to find the best Canadian Things to do in the city. To her surprise, there was quite a lot! Today she's sharing her tips on the blog.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 10 December, 2018

Residential Assistants are there to make sure that everyone has a great time living in Student Accommodation. Today Tejinder is sharing what a Residential Assistant gets up to in an average week to make sure that happens.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 13 December, 2018

Queen's has a wide range of different student living options. From the city centre to our own student village there's something suit everyone. Today, Tejinder shares why she's a fan of living in Elms BT1.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 13 December, 2018

Queen's has a large number of clubs and societies designed to appeal to every hobby and interest. Today Tejinder is explaining why joining CASA should be at the top of your list.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 29 April, 2020

When you're new to Belfast, the accent can sometimes be a little different. Tejinder is here to share some of the most common phrases you might hear when you move here as well as what they mean. You'll be speaking like a local in no time!

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 24 January, 2019

Sometimes only a good veggie burger will do! But where is the best place to go near Queen's Campus? Luckily Tejinder has done the "hard" work so you don't have to, here are her recommendations.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 30 January, 2019

Tejinder is sharing her favourite places to go for International food shopping. From sourcing kasoori methi to Lucky Charms cereal, she's got it all covered in this handy guide.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 3 February, 2019

If you love a good curry then you're in luck because there are some fantastic places to find some near campus. Today Tejinder is sharing her absolute favourites.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 15 February, 2019

Managing a busy university schedule is one of the biggest challenges of student life. Tejinder is here to share her advice for keeping ahead of class work and getting the best results from studying.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 13 March, 2019

Tejinder is sharing some misconceptions she had about Belfast before moving here from Canada. *Spoiler alert* It doesn't always rain here!

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 25 February, 2019

Choosing the right university is important - It has to fit your goals and needs as well as being a place you can enjoy studying in. Today, Tejinder is sharing all the reasons that Queen's was the perfect fit for her.

Brandon Lijdsman, Juris Doctorate | 5 March, 2019

Belfast has an abundance of green spaces and areas to go for a run or a jog. Brandon is sharing his three favourite spots, as well as how running helped him get to know the city better.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 7 March, 2019

One of the best things about being an International Student is getting to learn about different cultures and sharing yours with new friends too. Tejinder shares some of the differences she's noticed between Belfast and Canada.

Brandon Lijdsman, Juris Doctorate | 30 April, 2019

One of the biggest changes, when you start university, is cooking for yourself! Whether it’s boiling some pasta or being a little bit more adventurous, having the right kitchen essentials helps. Brandon is sharing his tips.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 30 April, 2019

Part of having an enriching university experience is getting to know people outside of your course or flat. One way of meeting people with similar interests as yourself could be joining a club or society. In this post, Tejinder shares her experience.

Brandon Lijdsman, Juris Doctorate | 22 May, 2019

Networking is a fantastic way to make connections with people working in your field or with similar interest. But how do you get started? Brandon is sharing his top tools for networking when you're a student.

Student at grad school reception desk
Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 24 May, 2019

Tejinder shares her step by step guide to getting C.V advice; just one of the many career development services available to Queen's Students.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 18 June, 2019

Tejinder is sharing a closer look at her three favourite facilities at Queen's, including why you're missing out if you aren't using the McClay Library all the time!

Three jars containing food for meals
Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 8 August, 2019

Between busy schedules and tempting takeaways eating well can often take a back seat when you're a student. Tejinder shares her secret to making meals on a budget: Meal Prepping.

Photo of go global week banner outside elmwood hall
Molly McIntyre, MSc Pathology of Cancer | 14 October, 2019

Why stay still? Queen’s is a gateway to a wealth of study, work and volunteer abroad opportunities, as the recent Go Global event demonstrates. Where will you go next?

Tamanna Khurana, MA Arts Management | 5 December, 2019

There is nothing like Bavarian foods, handmade arts & crafts and hot chocolate to get you in the festive mood.

Tamanna Khurana, MA Arts Management | 11 December, 2019

From chilling at an ice hockey game to catching a classic holiday movie, you can experience all the festive feels as an international student in Belfast.

Tamanna Khurana, MA Arts Management | 12 December, 2019

From food so affordable she texted home to gloat to year-round live sports action, Canadian student Tamanna explains why she has fallen in love with Belfast.

Tamanna Khurana, MA Arts Management | 16 December, 2019

Staying in Northern Ireland for the holidays? Our blogger Tamanna has this student-friendly guide to the perfect staycation in the North coast.

Tamanna Khurana, MA Arts Management | 17 December, 2019

From navigating the rental system to decoding letting agent lingo, Tamanna Khurana, a Master’s student from Canada has you covered.

Tamanna Khurana, MA Arts Management | 24 January, 2020

Worried about making friends at uni? International student Tamanna Khurana describes how she manifested an instant gang on campus.

Tamanna Khurana, MA Arts Management | 24 January, 2020

The transition to university can be drastic and it’s okay not to breeze through it. That’s why Queen’s mental health support is here.

Tamanna Khurana, MA Arts Management | 6 May, 2020

Canadian Tamanna Khurana searched the world for the perfect MA in Arts Management that would give her the career edge – she found it at Queen’s in Belfast.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 18 April, 2019

Tejinder is sharing her favourite things about studying abroad at Queen's and why she thinks everyone should give it a try if they get the opportunity.

Tejinder Gill, BDS Dentistry | 16 May, 2019

When you've found your dream course, and you're excited to start University the next step is persuading your parents it's the right choice. Tejinder shares how she convinced her parents that studying Dentistry at Queen's was a perfect combination.