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A Taste of Home, Away from Home!

Local international food stores offer a wide variety of cuisines for students to enjoy the comforts of their home dishes, as well as explore new tastes and recipes. Hiya Grover explores the range of international grocery stores in Belfast.

Spices in a market
Discover South Asian, Middle Eastern, and East Asian flavours in Belfast

Living away from home doesn't mean bidding farewell to the taste of your culture or abandoning your adventurous palate. Thanks to Belfast's incredibly diverse culture and expat population, international food stores all around the city become your fast friends to recreate recipes from your home countries.

Whether you're craving the correct spices, sauces, or meats for your cooking, local international food stores offer a passport to culinary exploration!

We will embark on a journey to explore the most accessible and diverse South Asian, Middle Eastern, and East Asian grocery stores in Belfast, so you can take your first step in bridging the gap between your home and your newfound home away from home!

Middle Eastern

Madinah Grocery

Madinah Grocery is located in the bustling neighbourhood around Lisburn Road, just off University Street and Queen’s health faculties, perfect if you're looking for fresh produce, halal meats, aromatic spices, and preserved foods.

Front of Madinah Grocery

Makkah Market

A convenient grocery store on Bradbury Place, perfect for stopping by on your way back from university, with fresh vegetables, cheeses, dates, meats, and household products from various Middle Eastern countries!

Front of Makkah Market

Istanbul Market

Need to pick up last-minute ingredients for your recipe or want to satisfy your craving for something sweet? The Istanbul Market in Botanic Avenue is the one-stop shop for bagged spices, halal meats, dairy, and collections of fresh baklava that you won't be able to resist!

Front of Istanbul Market

East Asian

E Kou Xian

Located in Donegall Pass, this store offers pastes, preserved ingredients, spices, herbs, meats, noodles, and much more for your traditional recipes. A range of fresh seafood is also available here!

E-Kou Xian exterior

Lee Foods Oriental Supermarket

Lee Foods Oriental Supermarket is among the most prominent East Asian grocery stores with much to offer! From staple ingredients like meat, fish, rice, noodles, and sauces to various condiments and vegetables (Thai basil, Chinese chives, and Japanese eggplants, to name a few), this store will help bring the authentic taste of Asia to your cooking!

Lee foods exterior

Camseng International Food Distributors

Camseng grocery store, located on Lisburn Road, is perfect for a quick stop if you live further away from the university. Along with various East Asian foods, snacks, drinks, and raw ingredients, it has traditional household items you might've forgotten to pack from home!

If you're looking to buy ingredients in bulk, I highly recommend this store!



Manilla, the Filipino store in Belfast, is delightful for anyone seeking a taste of the Philippines. It has your pantry staples like jasmine rice, noodles, and sauces, as well as iconic snacks, dried seafood, and fresh fruits.

It also houses various ready-to-eat comfort dishes and street food options that will immerse you in the warmth of Filipino cuisine.

South Asian

Mr Spice Asian Supermarket

Mr Spice Supermarket on Sandy Row has a wide array of lentils, spices, dairy products, and fresh produce, perfect if you prefer vegetarian foods that take you back home. Whether you're looking for traditional drinks, desserts, or ready-to-cook meals, this store will not disappoint!

Bangla Bazaar

Bangla Bazaar has a genuinely international hub of ingredients with fish, specially cut meat and poultry (halal), and spices.

With diverse ingredients from East and South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, if you're on the hunt for a rare ingredient, don't forget to check out this store!

Whether you find yourself a new student studying in Northern Ireland, missing your traditional cuisines, or an adventurous food lover looking to explore various cultures, the international stores in Belfast are there to help you find your way one step at a time!

outside bangla 


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